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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Addition

Well my friends I have an announcement to make we just received a new friend about a week ago….she has been a little shy coming out due to the 2 Chihuahua's in the house…her name is Ginger and she is a 3yr old orange tabby….She was headed for the Humane Society and we thought (crazy thoughts)…LOL but we had to  save the darling,, so many animals go neglected out there and end up being put to sleep…She has been fixed and declawed with all her shots …so for now we just need to love her and feed her…and with some prayer  the 2 dogs learn to love and play along with her as well…Ginger is an indoor cat and when she interacts with us she is so much fun meowing..rolling over and frolicking about…..So lets get on with the introductions and show you her one and only picture for now..


GINGER is in the house…LOL

September 2012 Ginger(a)meow…

Basic color wheel

Basic color wheel

Virtual Kitty