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Monday, October 24, 2011

60th Birthday

Well we all have birthdays some we like and some we don’t….my 60th was a keeper man it ran for a whole week…started with my son giving me a new phone…then on the day he took the family out for dinner to the Mandarin Restaurant (Chinese food)  then on Sunday, like yesterday… my daughter rented a hall for a some friends and family to come help celebrate. And celebrate we did…lots of fun was had …I even had a cry..why you might ask well a lady who runs the Stampin Canada web site was invited and I was under the impression she couldn't make it so was I looking for her NOOOooo!!!!…all of a sudden 2 girls came in and said we have a surprise guest with us… well holy moly it was her the infamous Wenchie from Winnipeg...and that folks brought tears to my eyes…We had people from Winnipeg,,,Hamilton…Burlington…Woodstock… Thorold…St. Catharines…Niagara Falls…it was all of Southern Ontario crafting friends… family and close friend's…My 2 good friends Lou-Anne and Kathy helped to bring all this together for my special day…I thank them very much…my Bible study gals did a great gift of also helping with setting up and organizing things as well…what a wonderful group effort done by all…we had a pot luck dinner…. as for me at 60 what do you buy but an old gal …other then huge underwear and nighties/socks LOL…So I had asked for fellowship with friends and family and FOOD,that was gift enough for me… for a long time I have wanted those Prisma pencils and have saved and saved and of course things happen and the money dwindles and ya still save cause I know eventually I was getting them...Well guess the word got out because I received so many gift certificates for Michaels that I coulda bought 2 sets of 132 with all the 50% discount coupons I got with them….Was I shocked or what…so I bought 2 circle punches along with the money and I still have 70 plus dollars to spend @ Michaels…I was one spoiled but much appreciated lady that day…

I also got 2 gift certificates for Wal-Mart and I used them to get a wonderful phone cover  for that new phone I don't wanna ruin it with dropping…and money still to spend there…as well a wonderful gal and her girls gave me a gift card for another fave restaurant of ours and its enough to take out the whole family…

Like I said spoiled spoiled spoiled…


As you can see by the photos I went shopping LOL

Birthday gifts from gift cards 2011 003(a)         my phone from Nate 2011 002 (a)…the first pic has my pencils phone case and punches…Thanks everyone to go makes some cards…teehee!!!


Oct 2011 60th birthday party 003 (a)  Oct 2011 60th birthday party 009Oct 2011 60th birthday party 010Oct 2011 60th birthday party 014


Oct 2011 60th birthday party 017  DSC08290



DSC08295   Oct 2011 60th birthday party 039



Oct 2011 60th birthday party 045 Now this is the Stampin Canada group and what a crazy bunch we are…from left to right there is

Wenchie…Donna….me…Lynne…Jen and daughter Ally & Barb…Oct 2011 60th birthday party 049besides gift cards I also received so other awesome gifts from friends…and a bag of as she called it stuff from Donna… anybody need ribbon I got lots thanks Donna for the loot bag it was awesome..

So this was how I spent my birthday and I just wanted to let you all in on some of the fun…

Blessings all…Lynn<((><


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like you had an AWESOME 60th!

  2. Great pictures and a fun day was had by all. The food was awesome and the guests were great too. Thanks for inviting us to share your day.

  3. Great pictures Lynn!
    Thanks so much for inviting us (me) to be part of your special day! You so deserve to be spoiled!

  4. Lynn, it was such a great pleasure to finally get to meet you face to face. You're as wonderful IRL as you are virtually. I feel honoured to have been invited and so happy I could attend. Yay on your Prismas!!! Wow! I expect to see great things from them and you. No pressure. LOL

  5. Hello Lynn,

    You don't look 60!

    It's always nice to be surrounded by those we care about, and it's nice that you got a surprise visit from a crafting buddy too.

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures on your blog. :)

  6. So glad you had a fabulous birthday! :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so sorry I couldn't attend the party! One of these days I will get my Passport! LOL :)

  8. Happy belated birthday..... it looks like you had a great deserved it. Memories are made at occasions like that.


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