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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All about me!!!

Thanks everyone for putting me in the spotlight this week….what an honour to be the featured gal @ Clear It Out blog where all the wonderful challenges happen almost every other week.

Lets have a little history here teehee!!! if you have time that is…crafting is in my blood…loved to do all sorts of things from a little girl…sewing, sorta knitting, crocheting, ceramics and then I did  cards and just fell in love with this forum of art…it all started about 7-8 yrs. ago and my first stamps were bought for me from a dear friend named Karen….She showed me some techniques which I seemed to catch on  quickly…but the bug had been planted I was infected with stamp-mania and coloritis LOL. so much happened over the yrs. and my growth in the how to and design of things has greatly improved over the your about to see then and now…we shall let you decide in my improvement or not…

I met Martha @ My Grafico a few yrs. back and loved the things she did became friends almost immediately and were on a few sites on the DT together… she can really show you the how to on her blog if you take the time to go see. Clear it has had me on board for about 2 yrs. now and I love it…the gals I work with rock. The nice thing is there are a few Canadians like myself on board…but I feel were all equal in helping each other with craft/personal problems…we are a family and were there for each other… love you'll ladies..

crocheted flowers (a) here some flowers I tried to put together when they first became popular…not bad I’d say and we have a gal on board @ Clear It out named Karen who has an Etsy shop where she sells things like this…they are beautiful go have a look see HERE

now this is one of my Earlier cards yikes to funny but man I thought it just rocked like something else @ the time hahaha!!!!

My card in the early days

and this is 2 of of my recent ones

Cards done for a swap @ 2011 Christmas      May 2011 FB swap roadtrippers(b)(a)

Marthas Altered Item Sept 2011 (a) I made this 3-D flower as an experiment went quite well don't you think..


This place can lead you to the home page of my blog so come on in and look around at all things I have created in the card world…

Thanks for coming to my place and I hope to see you stop by again…be blessed always my friends…Lynn B.


  1. Stamp-mania and coloritis, love it!! You are sooooo funny Lynn {{hug}}
    I loved learning a little more about you in this blog post ;)

  2. just wow lynn..i haven't been checking in and hope to be back admiring your awesome-ness more..i love love the ornament ..but then i'm such a christmas i will be back soon..loves ya


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