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Monday, July 25, 2011

Funky Fold
this is where the original can be found…I took the project one step further and altered the main part of the card to be a A2/1/4 fold size….
I then just measured the inner pieces to get my sizing as I progressed along…which you can  also do.
1. 8” X 5 1/2” card stock
2. On the outside cut in one inch from the one inch mark to the 7 inch mark…on both sides.
3. Outside on the one inch score @ 1”---2”---&---5”
4. On the inside piece score @ the 4”.
5. Fold and decorate the same as in supplied video link…this is all on a smaller scale for those again who like the A2/1/4 fold cards.
May Swap for Sc for Ruth 2011 001
Here is my sketch for the cutting and scoring hope it helps…
score and cut measurments for funky fold card A2 size (a)


  1. what a very pretty card lynn and added info..great job..tfs..loves ya

  2. Finally the comment box is up, dial up isn't easy to be making comments. Awesome cad I love it and I really need to attempt one. TFS

  3. Wow lovely card!!!!! Love the color and the pretty flowers!!!!! Great job!!!!


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