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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Vacation In Erie PA

Awe to be home again but what a fun mini holiday…We took a trip as it says to Erie PA..we live in Canada and from our closest border its about a 2 hour drive from Niagara Falls Ontario…We stayed @ the Days Inn Erie for 3 nights and found it to be quite adequate for 4 -- 2 double beds ..fridge…in room safe…cold, cold AC LOL…and hot breakfast daily @ very reasonable prices…The place was clean and the pool was well kept and the temperature was perfect..they also are pet friendly for those who have fur babies they travel with…We went to the Erie Zoo and it was awesome so many fun things to see and doo as I show here in a few photos

Gorilla Erie 2011Gorilla  Lions Erie 2011     Lions            White Rhino Erie 2011Rare White Rhino these were may faves so this is what I chose to share with you…

…we also took our Fur Baby to a doggie day care in Erie called  Peninsula Pups Doggie Daycare…they are at 801 W. 12th St.  Erie Pa 16501,,,814-454-PUPS (7877)..they also are on FB and her is that page addy if your in the area and need of sitting services for your baby

FB Peninsula Pups.

Ty for doggie day care (a)and our Ty just giving us a look of your not taking me anywhere I want to stay home haha!!!but in the end she made some new animal friends and people friends…if you live there or just visiting give them a call you wont be disappointed…they need at least a week to make sure your all up on your fur babies shots and what is required…easy peasy cause if you love your babies as much as we do then the process is quite simple … 

When she arrived her first day she was quiet and timid and like a perfect little princess…but we told them no no give her time she will say this my place and take over welllll the 2nd day and her last lucky for them LOL she showed them …yup this is my joint and I'm doing as I please…today I want my family and we told them she can scale a fence if she wants ,,,no they said LOL oh yes 6 feet later five minutes after we left up and almost over she went Ida loved to have seen there faces when that happened…They said we really know our dog she was a totally different girl the next day but at least for the better part she behaved…what an experience for us all that was good for us and her…and it made touring so much easier …we just couldn't leave her in the car or hotel just not fair all around…so be pet friendly no matter where or what you do and please scoop the poop I walk there to …


If you have been to Grove City then you know about the outlet mall holy moly the shopping and the size of the place is unbelievable…LOL lot of bargoons to be had..We also spent some time at the Millcreek Mall and sad to say my crafting friends I didn't find a thing a you believe that I did look but not a whole lot guess my mind was boggled by the size of all these place wowzers…gotta plan a trip next time just for me and not 3 men who are LOL shoe crazy…If you look front row  2nd from the left those lonely white pair they belong to me he!! he!!the small sandal in the back my grandson bought those for his mom awe how thoughtful…but the rest of those honkin shoes belong to 3 guys who I now believe are worse then women in the shoe dept. like 9 pairs of shoes for 3 ppl  3 pair each whyyyyyy??? LOL…Love my guys..and why wouldn't I ???


shoes bought 2011 erie vacation (a)

Well enough silly natter for today hope you all enjoyed our short story and have a great summer all…


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time even with three shoe crazy men. Grove City is fabulous but not a craft store in sight, hmmm maybe Joann's should put themselves there for us crafters they might get more peeps visiting. TFS your mini vacation.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great mini vacation!
    Thanks for sharing some pics and thoughts with us.
    Safe travels my friend


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